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Uganda Digital Passports

USPC with Veridos GmbH got the mandate to print Digital E-Passports. These Passports are fitted with the state of the Art technology that can be used at all automatic boarding gates world over.

National Pride

The Passport embodies the Uniquness of Uganda's travel document.


Fitted with a biometric bio  data chip for security.

Birth and Death Certificate

We Print Birth and Death Certificates on the behalf of the Government of Uganda.

Electronic Driver's Licenses

USPC has the mandate to print Electronic Driver's Licenses for the Government of Uganda.

National Pride

Driver's licenses started out as a way to encourage and advance public safety and defense, but they've since developed into something more complex.


Today's driver's licenses are more than just tangible evidence of a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle. Driver's licenses are often used as a primary government-issued form of identification and age verification in many countries. As a result, any forgery of a driver's license must be regarded as a serious crime. Advanced security features as emphasized by USPC are a simple way to boost public confidence in the legitimacy of these Licenses.